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Travel broadens the mind; is there an adapter for that?

April 29, 2014

One of my many hats is to support consultants who travel the world: wireless roaming plans, plug adapters, etc. I find that whenever I travel myself, either for vacation or work, I learn something about what’s out in the world that I never seem to pick up from reading or from reports from the field.

I will be in London and Paris in the coming days for personal travel but I will be tuned in to what new mischief is possible in the world of portable electronics, as well as what new indignities the airlines have come up with.

I was tempted to leave the laptop at home — it’s a vacation trip — but I don’t think I dare be without it that long. So I’ve decided to leave the iPad at home instead. Will have the laptop (Notes and Admin client, VPN, Thunderbird, etc.), Blackberry Q10 and a camera.

Here’s to hitting the road and to always finding WiFi.


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  1. Well, after being overseas a few days it’s not pretty.
    The hotel in the UK used a Radius server to limit me to two devices for £10 for up to a week. But it required connecting to the WiFi then logging in. OK on the laptop but confused the heck out of the Blackberry; the server name for Traveler kept getting switched to that of the Radius server and I would have to manually set it back. Not for the casual user.
    Many places in the UK seem to offer free WiFi but I found it worked less often than in the US. Costa (a coffee chain) had a particularly involved system requiring registering and receiving a code via SMS. I still didn’t have it working when my coffee was gone.
    Hotel WiFi in Paris is great, just type in the security code and go. But throughput went down quickly after 9pm when everyone got back to their rooms.


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