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Blackberry 10.2.1

April 18, 2014

Weeks after Blackberry release 10.2.1 AT&T has finally made it available to Blackberry 10 users.

I know there were lots of reviews when it first came out but I thought I would make a couple of observations here.

First, leave some time for the upgrade. It’s a 630MB download and it took about an hour after the download finished before my Q10 was fully upgraded and restarted. Blackberry recommends leaving the unit connected to power the entire time and to be on WiFi. I unplugged the power and left the office (i.e. no WiFi) as soon as the download finished. I don’t know if that slowed the install process.

The main changes I see are slightly snappier graphics, a rearranged settings menu, and some changes to the hub and lock screen. You can see previews of all your messaging streams on the lock screen. Cool, but perhaps a security issue?

A priority hub has been added to the messaging display options. You can mark stuff to be in or out of the priority stream, or it will attempt to learn what’s a priority. I haven’t had it running long enough to see how that works.

I’ve not had any issues with the upgraded software.

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