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Observations from the forced Work From Home experience

March 20, 2020
  • Everyone who was too busy to sign up for training before being sent home is suddenly available and wants to sign up for online training at the last minute
  • If you want to know how many older folks live in your community go to the supermarket during the 6-7 AM seniors only opening
  • Lots of people ignored the suggestion to “Take your laptop home and see if you can make it work” last week
  • We did ourselves no favors conditioning users to rely on mapped drives instead of UNC paths (see item above)
  • VPNs are very much mixed blessing and curse
  • But anything in O365 (or any other cloud service) instead of on an internal server is a win/win
  • Remote support can be very slow when both the support tech and the customer are at home on WiFi and every kid in between is playing games and steaming
  • Cable systems weren’t designed for this
  • Why did Microsoft drop the power user category in Windows that would allow users to install their own printer drivers (been gone since Windows XP I think)?
  • And why do printer manufacturers insist that you install software instead of using one of hundreds of drivers already available?
  • All the dormant blogs, like this one, will suddenly wake up now

Since we are without casual interaction in the workplace feel free to comment here, whether serious or social.

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