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Summertime Blues

March 4, 2012

[Best read while listening to Eddie Cochran’s 1958 classic of the same title]

Here comes confusion again.

The US and Canada turn clocks ahead* one hour next Sunday, March 11, for Daylight Saving Time.

The UK and Europe don’t turn their clocks ahead for Summer Time until Sunday March 25.

So for those two weeks the time difference is one hour less than usual.

The differing schedules should be built into your enterprise calendar but it wouldn’t hurt to take a second glance at any invitation that comes from another time zone to make sure it goes into your calendar at the correct local time.

*The mnemonic is “Spring ahead, Fall Back”. Time change details and information for other locales at

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    It’s even more fun when you add some Southern hemisphere countries to the mix, because their seasons are opposite to ours. Brazil went off Daylight Savings last weekend, so the time difference to the US East cost went from 3 hours to two. And when the US goes on Daylight Savings, the time difference will go from 2 hours to one.


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