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Domino Fix Pack Install on Windows

May 12, 2012

I had never had a problem getting Domino Fix Packs to install until a recent attempt to install FP1 on Domino 8.5.3 running on Windows 2008. It’s 32 bit Domino on 64 bit Windows. It took me two attempts. Just thought I would share what I noticed.

On both attempts the installer complained that Domino tasks were still loaded even though Services showed both Domino and Domino Diagnostics as stopped. “nsd.exe -kill” got past that one.

On my first attempt the install appeared to succeed but Domino was unchanged. On my second attempt I right-clicked on the install executable and selected “Run as Administrator”. That second time worked.

I’ve never had to run a Domino install using “Run as Administrator” before but I’ve seen Windows desktop programs that show the same symptoms — you can run the initial install using normal permissions but the upgrade/path require “Run as Administrator”.

As always, your mileage may vary. Hope it helps someone else.



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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Unless you have a very good reason (incompatible plug-in) it isn’t a good idea to run a 32 Bit app on 64 Bit. You also shouldn’t have data in program files.


  2. Anonymous permalink

    As a general practice, I always change Domino service to manual and restart server before upgrades and fix packs. Some platform-specific handles and Java threads may stay resident in the memory.


  3. David Schaffer permalink

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Stephan — Had to stick with 32 bit on one server and so we just kept them all the same. Don’t know what you mean about data in program files.

    Serdar — Thanks for the suggestion. May try that in the future.


  4. Anonymous permalink

    the Buddha says: “You pick the level of your suffering yourself”. The one 32Bit server should run on a 32Bit OS (which would then already be different). “Keeping them all the same” isn’t a good reason for introducing 32/64 potential trouble.

    When you do a default install of Domino it suggests to install:
    C:\Program files(x86)\IBM\Lotus\Domino
    C:\Program files(x86)\IBM\Lotus\Domino\Data
    and the later is *bad*. Of course most of the admins install something like D:\Domino and D:\Domino\Data. But if you have the rule: “We stick to IBM defaults, so it is the same as IBM” you might have that trouble (and we don’t use the default for our servers).

    🙂 stw


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