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The untablet solution for Lotusphere

January 10, 2012

I don’t own or see a real need for a tablet (iPad, Playbook, etc.) but I also don’t want to carry my ThinkPad T400 through Lotusphere. It’s a workhorse but it’s heavy, relatively slow, and a bit flaky as I have everything under the sun installed on it for support and testing purposes. Oh, and I stay at the cheap hotels a bus ride away so I can’t run up to my room at breaks if I get an email that I can’t handle from my Blackberry.

My experiment this year: I have an older but very light ThinkPad X61. It’s running OpenSUSE. The OS install included Firefox, LibreOffice and GIMP. WiFi works well. I’ve added Notes and the old Air version of TweetDeck. I can’t see why that won’t see me through most days, although I may bring the big machine to the labs one day.

Will post if I learn anything useful from the experiment.


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  1. David Schaffer permalink

    The experiment was a success. The X61s is pretty light out of the dock, and I was surprised to find that I didn’t have a problem with the smaller screen. Battery life, even on an older machine with a third party replacement battery, was fine.
    I brought the larger machine and left it in my room because it had a few things I thought I might need that weren’t on the X61s — my VPN client, the Admin and Designer clients, my personal email and address book (Thunderbird), and the client for my Sprint broadband card.
    There ended up being no emergencies back at work that would have required Admin/Designer or VPN. I have web access to my personal email. I’m going to look into VPN and broadband clients for Linux and I may travel in the future with just the light machine.


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