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My Lotusphere 2012 list

January 3, 2012

There is so much information being shot at you with a fire hose at Lotusphere that it’s easy to overlook things you meant to follow up on. Here are some things I hope to learn or gain insight on at Lotusphere this year. Maybe if they’re on the blog I’ll keep them in mind through the week.

Two “big picture” questions:

What’s the transition path from an email-centric (Lotus Notes rich client mostly) environment to a more collaborative, real time way of working?
I support a small group of business consultants who travel heavily, spend a lot of time on airplanes, and deal with a lot of confidential information. They love Notes local replicas and they love their email. But they also love their iPhones, iPads and Blackberries. They’re increasingly creating documents too large to send via email — or at least too large to want to send by email. And they often send out mass emails to each other asking “Does anyone have any document or case history on topic xyz that I can refer to?”
They have Quickr and Sametime available (although not the latest and greatest of either). They have Notes-based CRM. But their individual email database is their comfort zone.
What will their world look like a year or two from now and how do I help move them there?

What’s the future for Quickr on Domino and what’s our way forward?
What document sharing and management we have is via Quickr on Domino. Despite assurances from IBM it seems that Quickr for Domino has become an orphan while Connections gets all the attention. Quickr D is a good fit for organizations of under 50 users already using Domino, Notes and Sametime. But not if it has no future. The long delay between the release of Notes 8.5.3 and the release of Connectors to support it, the complete lack of Connectors for Mac, and a general attitude of Quickr D being an afterthought is giving us pause. I was particularly irked when I was working a Notes problem with support. They advised me to take out all the third party add ons and included Quickr Connectors in the list.

A user interface question:
A user wants the ability to color code calendar items individually, not have the color determined by the type of entry. She says Outlook allows this. It’s the first time I’ve had the request but it doesn’t seem too unreasonable. Any options or plans?

Some Admin/Techie topics I would like to know more about:

  • Network performance monitoring. I got some great tools last year for monitoring individual servers, but how do I figure out what’s happening when they talk to each other and to the Notes client?
  • What should I know about application development and how do I learn it? I’ve been supporting Notes/Domino since R3 but I’m still shaky as soon as I open the Designer client.
  • Can anyone explain how type-ahead addressing is supposed to work and what changes if Recent Contacts is populated or not populated? This is driving us crazy since Recent Contacts was introduced. It seems like every user’s mail behaves a bit differently.
  • Any tips for running Notes client on Windows 7 32 bit? Memory management seems to be an issue, at least for me. We can’t upgrade everyone to 64 bit Windows or OS X just yet. (I would like to consider Linux but MS Office is a requirement for document exchange with our clients.)

Put names to faces
If I know you only from Twitter, blogs and the support forums, please say Hi if you notice me. I’ll try to do the same.

David Schaffer

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Great big picture questions to think about, and so true about all the information at Lotusphere.


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