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Update: BB10, Traveler and SSL

June 27, 2013

As noted in my earlier post Blackberry 10 devices will only connect to Traveler over SSL (port 443). Our existing production server runs on port 80. When I posted this as an issue several people suggested that we should really run on SSL for security reasons.

I had never put up a Domino server with SSL/https enabled but decided to give it a try on a test server. I’m glad I did. Setting up SSL and the Domino Certificate Authority is not a lot of work but there’s a lot that can go wrong. It took me a couple of tries with IBM support on the line to get it working for behind-the-firewall access. Then I had to get my firewall folks to get me access from the outside.

But now I have my new Blackberry Q10 connected to Traveler 9. Mail, Calendar and Contacts all show up on my device. The initial sync took much longer than we typically see with iOS devices but once it was caught up I seem to get email on the device pretty much simultaneously with it appearing in the Notes client.

I’m still getting used to the Q10 and some tasks don’t seem an intuitive as they did on the old Blackberry interface, but I had many years to learn that. The Q10 is replacing a Curve with Blackberry 6 so it’s a big change even keeping the keyboard and many of the Blackberry shortcuts and conventions.

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