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AT&T Woes

August 1, 2010

First off, I’m blogging here because I’m having issues with I replaced the server hardware, and in the process moved from SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to OpenSUSE. I kept the same host name, which be the root of my problem, but so far I can’t get things working with the AT&T DSL/2Wire solution for mapping fixed IP addresses.

This troubleshooting was just a side note to my bigger woes. The company I support just moved into new offices a few blocks away. It seemed simple enough. Everything is with AT&T and all with the same account exec. We gave them several weeks notice to move the T1 circuits and PRI. For both services they suggested we get new service in advance and then port the phone numbers/IP addresses at the appointed date. Except for two problems:

1. AT&T is so fragmented that this simple move seemed to require about twelve different departments. They blame some of it on federal regulation of LEC/long distance separation, but I think a company the size of AT&T could coordinate a bit better if they tried.

2. They really have no mechanism to port phone numbers and IP addresses at a given time.

We only got it done successfully due to the above-and-beyond efforts of some individual AT&T employees who freely admitted they were making up for screwups elsewhere in the organization.

In the end all services are up and running at the new work location, and I can go back to troubleshooting the DSL network issues at home.



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