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Year End, And Looking Forward

December 31, 2015

2015 has been a year of transition and preparation, or so it feels.
At the “day job” we completed a migration from IBM Notes/Domino/ Traveler/Sametime/Quickr and iExtensions CRM to Google Apps for Work and Zoho CRM in the second half of 2014. So 2015 involved learning how to manage and support the new ecosystem. And to struggle with the questions of what we needed to keep on premises, and how to get off the stuff we are done with.
At that job and in my outside practice I was dealing with transition in how technology is used every day. Cloud services and advances in operating systems have pretty much killed the need for small office/home office technical support. The mobile world is moving more and more towards Apple iOS with some Android in the mix. The push for robust, device agnostic MDM has moved to the enterprise level, with most smaller organizations left to rely on what management the mail provider and device manufacturer offer. I’ve taken on a lot more marketing oriented tasks as social media has come to the fore in corporate communications.
But what is the future role for folks who came up as system administrators? Helping organizations select, implement, learn and benefit from technologies is perhaps more important than it has ever been. But with the disconnect from physical systems the role can seem somewhat adrift. What does a system administrator do after the systems are gone?
On the personal side, we undertook upgrades to the house that had been neglected for many years: roof, siding, windows, floors, interior paint, driveway paving. And then we had to upholster/refinish furniture to match. We didn’t do the work ourselves but we (mostly my wife) did the design, hiring and supervision. The results were spectacular but it did sap our attention for much of the summer and fall.
Also on the non-tech side, after several years of politely stepping aside in favor of others there were no more others and I stepped up to be president of Temple Sholom in New Milford, CT.
So I’m looking forward to a 2016 full of new opportunities and new learning. I wish you all the best and happiest of New Years.

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