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Chip cards – US banks don’t get it

May 1, 2015

Chase recently gave us new credit cards with chips but no PIN. My wife is in the Netherlands this week; we’ll see if the chip-only makes the US cards easier or harder to use than previously when there was no chip in US cards.

Thank you for contacting Chase about about a Chip and PIN

Currently Chase does not offer Chip and PIN cards. At
this time, Chase is issuing Chip and Signature cards,
which only require your signature to complete a

Here’s what you need to know about our chip cards:
* Chase chip cards require a signature to verify purchases
made at a merchant card reader.
* Some chip-enabled cards require a PIN code to verify the
* The difference in the method of verification depends on
the microchip itself and what verification method the
merchant’s card reader is set up to accept.

In certain situations, your Chip and Signature card may
not be accepted:
* Card readers at unattended kiosks may not require a
signature, but some will require Chip and PIN
* It’s a good idea to be prepared with alternative payment
methods, such as local currency.
We hope this information is helpful and we thank you for
your business and your trust. If you have additional
questions, please call us using the number on the back of
your card or visit We’re always
available to assist you.

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  1. US banks chose not to implement PINs as consumers would forget them, get disgruntled and move to another bank without PINs. Logical right? Apparently they think the loses from customers leaving is greater than the loses from fraud. The banks are insane.


  2. Here’s an unrelated question if I may ask; I noticed your post requesting help with your aggregator not pulling from your wordpress site. Were you able to find a solution to that issue?


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