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A New Way To Work

February 24, 2015

Long discussed alternatives to the traditional mail client are finally starting to emerge, at least in beta. These incorporate some intelligence into mail processing and aim to give users a task-focused, integrated place to serve as their electronic home, as opposed to being at the mercy of everything that lands in the inbox in chronological order. And they basically abandon the idea of a rich client (e.g. Notes, Outlook, Thunderbird) in favor of web based and mobile solutions.

It’s going to be interesting to see how they perform in the real world and if users will adopt them.

The crop includes:

IBM Verse – What’s been previewed for some time as Mail Next is now rolling out as Verse.

Google Inbox – this has been in preview for personal Gmail accounts for a while but is now coming to Google Apps for Work customers, at least in trial form.

Microsoft Office 365 – It appears that Microsoft is still focusing on moving folks to their cloud-based Office 365 Suite and hasn’t jumped into the fray directly. Or maybe I’ve just not seen it.

I would love to hear if anyone is planning to move to one of these alternatives or has any experience with the early releases in an actual work environment. Or are there other contenders to add to the mix?

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  1. It looks like Microsoft is jumping into the game. Their product is Microsoft Office Delve. More analysis here


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