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Google Migration – Ready to throw the switch

October 9, 2014

Just a quick update on our planned IBM on premises to Google Apps migration. We’re about ready to throw the switch — that is, to migrate the first group of users into production on the Google platform.

So far I’ve been fairly pleased. The Google platform seems to offer fairly equivalent and familiar capabilities for mail, calendar and personal contacts. Google Drive is a step up from Quickr in that there is Mac Finder integration which IBM never offered and Dropbox-style offline access and background sync, which was also never part of Quickr.

We’re also implementing Zoho CRM. I’m learning that a CRM migration is far more complicated than an email migration. It seems Zoho CRM offers a platform that is both powerful and relatively user friendly (as much as CRM can be). But we’ll have to use it in production for a while to really understand what we’ve got.

We’re relying heavily on our Google Apps partner, Viwo (, for the migration, setup and training. I won’t be able to give a thumbs up or down on their role until we’re done, but I can report that they have Notes-to-Google tools for Mail/Contacts/Calendar and seem to understand the issues in making that migration.

Stand by.

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  1. Test group is live on Google Apps! We proved the migration tools work and we can function in the new environment. Stuff to deal with is full of surprises, including a surprising amount of conflict with middle name/initial info. Will do a full post soon.


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