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The Adventure Begins…

September 3, 2014

It appears I will be moving an organization of about 30 users from IBM to Google Apps.

What’s in use now is Domino/Notes/Traveler/Sametime/Quickr/SmartCloud Meetings. The target is Google Apps for Business: mail, drive, contacts, calendar, hangouts. CRM will move from a system implemented as Notes databases and email template customization (iExtensions from iEnterprises) to Zoho CRM. Google and Zoho both have their own iOS apps and there is also native support on most mobile platforms for Google.

We evaluated IBM SmartCloud with SugarCRM and Microsoft Office 360 with MS Dynamics. While offering additional features that Google lacks they were more expensive, more complicated, and seemed geared at much larger organizations.

Staying with our existing on-premises solutions was not an option. We were over provisioned for the current size of the organization. Management wanted to be out of the business of running IT infrastructure. The existing physical infrastructure is aging. And we needed to replace Quickr and CRM at any rate as both are no longer supported.

I will share learnings and war stories as appropriate.


  1. As Neil Young said, There Comes a Time… If you need any help you know how to find me and others. What will you replace Quickr with?


  2. Google Drive looks like a decent replacement for Quickr, at least for what we were doing with it. We’ll use a generic account to share out files that everyone is entitled to see, then let staff use Drive pretty much as they’ve used Dropbox to avoid using Quickr 😉


  3. Marie Scott permalink

    Your users will love Google Drive!


  4. @Marie, especially the Mac users who had taken to using consumer Dropbox because there was no Finder integration with Quickr!


  5. Rob Brown permalink

    You are in the same boat as us. We also used iExtensions as our CRM and the risk of the licence server being shut down/switched by whoever runs it (Sugar?) was unacceptable – it happened once. Migrated to Salesforce – Zoho CRM did not support multiple currencies at the time and had a poor data load capability but it may well suit your business. We had a real good experience migrating mail using CloudMigrator from the UK based Cloud Solutions – much easier than Google’s tools – great support experience.


  6. Michael permalink

    I wish you luck, and a lot of… we’ve been doing that where I work and well, our favorite sentence now is “It’s really horrible…but it’s cheap…but it’s ugly…but it’s cheap…but it’s not intuitive…but…”


  7. @Rob, Thanks for the input. @Michael. Thanks. One of the factors in the decision was that the business folks had the ugly/unintuitive reaction to SmartCloud. But I suspect they’ll complain whatever they’re given.


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