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Always something to learn – IBM Notes

April 14, 2014

I’ve been supporting Notes since 1995, but I got several user requests in the past week where I had to dig a bit for the resolution:

1. Calendar. User complained that when she rescheduled a meeting the outside invitee didn’t get the change. Scratched our heads a bit until we realized that he had already declined and therefore wasn’t getting any updates. We’ve been spoiled by internal folks using the “decline but keep me informed” option.

2. How to save an email as a file. I knew you could drag it to the desktop to get a .eml file. Found you can also get that by selecting File – Save As.

2a: OK that’s nice, but suppose I want a text or Word document? File – Export (when the message is open) offers the option to save as ASCII text or Microsoft RTF. Remember you have to provide the file extension when naming the saved file.

3. More calendar. User wants to print his monthly calendar all on one page. Open the calendar. Select File – Print. If on a Mac select “Notes options”. You’re then on the Print Calendar window. On the Calendar Style tab check “Print first line only” and uncheck “Expand rows”.

Simple stuff but somewhat hidden; which is a typical user complaint about Notes.


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One Comment
  1. Nice one! Also unchecking “Print three month banner” on the Calendar Style tab gives a bit more space for the entries


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