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Mac Presentation Gurus – Your help needed

January 6, 2014

Image We have a Samsung 63″ Plasma TV on the wall of a conference room. For over three years it has worked with PCs, Macs, cable TV and DVD players. Suddenly, in the last few weeks, it won’t display properly for our MacBook Airs (using Apple’s Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter). The Mac recognizes there is a VGA display but nothing appears on the screen. It continues to display properly for all other video sources.

I suspected it was an issue with OS 10.9 Mavericks, but I also tested with OS 10.6 and see the same issue. We’ve plugged the Mac directly into the back of the TV to eliminate cabling as an issue. I’ve tried a couple of different adapters to see if one had gone bad.

Samsung and Apple each claim I need to get the other party to solve the issue. There are lots of reports of similar issues on the Apple forums but nothing that looks exactly the same and no definitive solutions:

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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  1. Does the MacBook have HDMI out? Would that be an option?


  2. Karl-Henry: Unfortunately the MacBook Air does not have an HDMI port. The VGA works on other monitors, just not this particular Samsung. I don’t know if there’s any way to use an external adapter to get HDMI out.


  3. There should be a mini display port to hdmi adapter. An alternative would be to buy an Apple TV and use airplay for the presentations. No wires…


  4. Thanks David. I’ll see if we can find the mini to HDMI adapter. Would like to avoid replacing such a large screen if we can but we’ve also got a lot of MacBook Airs.


  5. I found a “Mini Display Port to HDMI Adapter” from Monoprice. Under US$9 on Amazon. Seems to have fixed the problem.


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