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IBM Notes Traveler 9.0.1 Update

November 15, 2013

I recently updated a Domino server running Traveler on Linux 64 to 9.0.1. The Domino upgrade went off without a hitch. After much trying and searching for answers I couldn’t get the Traveler installer to run in either console or GUI mode. Finally opened a PMR to be told it was a known issue and would only install in silent mode.

One problem solved and another created.

It turns out there are a few glitches in Traveler 9.0.1. I discovered them when I tried to add a user to the Traveler server and it kept rejecting his credentials. As a test I opened a browser on the desktop and went to There the credentials were accepted but I got the message that the user ID could not be matched to a mail file!

Another call to support yielded another “known issue” and a hotfix. Haven’t gotten back to the user’s phone yet but the normal Traveler page comes up in the browser so I think we have resolution.

As part of my testing I noticed that the same “user ID could not be matched to a mail file” comes up on another Traveler 9.0.1 server running Windows 32 Domino. Fortunately the hotfix covers all platforms.

Hope this might help others.

  1. Thanks. What’s the hotfix url?


  2. This is the link to download the hotfix:,L6Q,000/

    Be aware that I had some issues with Traveler and/or http tasks hanging up after applying the hot fix. Seems to have resolved itself. If I did something I don’t know what it was.I also added
    to notes.ini per another recommendation I read.

    The combination seems to have resolved the authentication issue.


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