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Blackberry 10 and Traveler Issue

June 21, 2013

Blackberry 10 and Traveler Issue

It turns out that Blackberry 10 cannot talk to Traveler — or Exchange — on port 80. It only works if SSL is used. See Blackberry’s Knowledge Base article 34244.

Blackberry has been hyping this feature of directly connecting to ActiveSync for months and never mentioned this issue publicly that I’ve heard. This may be a killer for us since we already have all our iOS and Android users set up without SSL.

In my initial testing of a live Q10 (AT&T) I’m not finding it matches the hype, and if we can’t connect to Traveler then it’s going back.

  1. For testing we have Z10’s running on port 80 with Traveler (but I think its, rather than 9.0), in a live enviroment you should have this running on 443


  2. IBM reported that it worked with port 80 up through BB version but later versions require SSL/port 443. My Q10 from AT&T shipped with v


  3. I can’t imagine a situation where one would not want to encrypt Traveler traffic with SSL. Are all you mobile devices connecting via VPN?


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