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Blackberry and BYOD

June 13, 2012

Much of the interest in “bring your own device” is, admittedly, driven by employees’ interest in adopting devices other than Blackberry. But Blackberry isn’t dead and employees sometimes want to connect a personal Blackberry to the company BES.

This is a quick post to point out that most wireless carriers do not include permission to connect to a BES in the normal consumer data plans, and the personnel in the stores and on the phone may not even understand the distinction. I just had a user fighting for two weeks with Rogers in Canada to get his new Blackberry Bold to activate. In the end the problem was indeed that they had given him a data plan but not an enterprise data plan. This is not to single out Rogers — although you would think Canadian carriers would be a bit more tuned into all things RIM. But I’ve seen the issue with US, UK and European carriers over the years as well.

We might hope that carriers will get better at this as BYOD becomes more widespread but if a new Blackberry won’t activate, I would look to the carrier first.



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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Have you tried using the Enterprise Activation app available for download here: ?
    Otherwise, you may activate BIS data plan using web desktop manager interface available on BES server (i did it and it works just fine).


  2. David Schaffer permalink

    Mitica — I don’t think the issue is how you perform enterprise activation. The issue is that carriers want to sell you a specific data plan and without it your Blackberry can not communicate with the BES.


  3. Anonymous permalink

    That is what I am saying… You do not necessarily need BES data plan to communicate with BES – you can use cheaper BIS data plan. Sent via BlackBerry from Vodafone Romania


  4. Anonymous permalink

    If you’re thinking of letting users BYOD also consider running up a BES Express server – avoids the license cost of full BES whilst still providing all those important MDM tools like remote wipe. We use full BES for company-issued BBs and Express for any personal devices.


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