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October 2011 Snow Storm

October 31, 2011

My house and home office is without power due to an unusual snow storm that hit Connecticut and surrounding states on October 29, 2011. We had phone service for a while but that cut out this morning (31Oct). Prospects for recovery any time soon do not look good.

Here’s a statement from our electric utility, CL&P:


October 2011 Snow Storm 

A rare October storm’s heavy, wet snow weighed down trees and branches, causing outages across the state. It may take more than a week to restore service to all of our customers. CL&P is scheduling crews to work around the clock until restoration efforts are complete. Our priorities remain handling emergency situations, assessing damage and working with towns to clear blocked roads. Unlike Tropical Storm Irene, CL&P experienced significant damage to transmission lines in central and northwest Connecticut, complicating restoration efforts. These lines bring power from where electricity is made to the wires that supply neighborhoods.

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