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Upgrading Domino and Traveler

July 26, 2011

IBM has now posted the hotfix to prevent Traveler from crashing Domino


Original post:

If your Domino server runs Traveler you need apply fix pack to them both from distinct downloads. But there’s no mention of the Traveler fix pack on the Domino download.

A previously stable server starter crashing after going from Domino 8.5.2FP2 to 8.5.3FP3 without upgrading Traveler, which was at Waiting to see if applying the latest FP for Traveler has resolved the problem.




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  1. David Schaffer permalink

    A purported fix from IBM:

    OK. We found there was an unfortunate snafu with the Domino update which broke Traveler. We’ll hash that out internally, but
    fortunately Traveler development was able to isolate the API call affected
    and fix the issue. So, we’ve released a fix for the problem. It is
    available for download from our anonymous FTP Server. There are 2 files.
    One is the updated server files, and the other is a README with
    installation instructions. They are available for you here ->,L6Q,000/,L6Q,000/8523_20110728_0608_server_readme.txt


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