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iNotes and BES – Any contacts sync options?

May 22, 2011

I have a user with iNotes, no Notes client, and a Blackberry we’ve connected to our BES. So how do we synchronize contacts for this user?

Notes users can synchronize the mail file contacts list with their personal names.nsf through Notes replication. For Traveler users that then gives them sync to their devices.

For Blackberry users, we replicate their personal names.nsf up to the BES and that syncs with their device contacts list. If they want their contacts available via iNotes they can also synchronize contacts during replication and have end-to-end sync between Blackberry, Notes and iNotes.

But the iNotes user can’t sync their contacts back to a names.nsf.

What do folks for this situation?


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Try putting the relevant mail file name and path in the Address Book fields in the Person’s record doc on the BES server.
    With BES 5 and Notes/Domino 8.5 this worked a treat for me.


  2. David Schaffer permalink

    Kirsty — Thanks. We’re using BES 4.1 and iNotes 8.5.2 but it’s worth a try.


  3. Anonymous permalink

    Yes. This should not be a problem. Bes 4.14 and higher will look at the contacts view in the mail file by default. Justdont specify a contacts db


  4. Anonymous permalink

    Sorry David, Thanks Paul – right idea, wrong place for the setting change 😉

    I rolled our entire fleet off BES onto Traveler a few months ago, and it’s amazing how quickly you lose the finer points of administration setting know how.




  5. Anonymous permalink

    Hi David, a note in case: If you have 4.1SP5 or + installed and you are using the old names on server technique, you likely have the registry key PrepopulatePIMForiNotesUsers=0 on the BES and therefore will have to enter the users mail file path into the address book field on the BES user account.
    Regards, Michael


  6. David Schaffer permalink

    Thanks for the help.

    It’s BES

    I had tried pointing address book sync to a names.nsf I created for the user without success. I changed it to point to mail, as per Michael’s suggestion. Now the contents of the names.nsf are in iNotes contacts — no idea how that happened. Waiting to hear from the user what ended up on the Blackberry.

    Also noticed the user has Blackberry OS 6; everyone else has 5 or 4. Don’t know if that’s a factor.


  7. Anonymous permalink

    David, may I suggest using the ‘Tool to search log.nsf database’ by Jean-Yves Riverin in the code bin (do not know why it is not a project, as it is one of the most useful tools). It collects lines from the log.nsf and places them on one notes doc. eg: use the notes user name when you have a problem, then sift through to find the keywords, which you can then save a document for to reuse based on keyword. In this case, you will see the ‘add address book’ activity in the log. You will not have to ‘wait for the user feedback’ / can say ‘your contacts have updated on you BB, can you do an add on both ends to check the sync’ – user will think you are a super BES admin ;_). Great also for quickly diagnosing EActivation problems, without running the brkit eastatus.exe.
    Regards. Michael


  8. Anonymous permalink

    we are using the same like Kirsty. And that works very fine…


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